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Bumpbar – Nylon Repair Kit (TDS-R)

Bumpbar – Nylon Repair Kit (TDS-R)

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We make our Bumpbars to last, but restaurant kitchens can be harsh environments, which is why we offer the Nylon Bumpbar Repair Kit. Our Repair Kits allow you to breathe new life into your Bumpbar by re-using your existing Bumpbar’s circuit board and USB cable in a brand new housing with all new button switches. We also include a brand new Bumpbar Face Protector and Overlay Insert.

Each Nylon Repair Kit includes:

  • One (1) 20-Button Nylon Housing
  • One (1) Standard-layout Insert
  • One (1) Black Frame
  • One (1) Cable Compartment Cover
  • Seven (7) Black Screws

You will need to utilize your original USB cable, or use any compatible USB-B Cable.

Make sure to keep the circuit board and cable from your previous Bumpbar. To assemble, simply attach the membrane switch header cable to pins 2-14 (as labeled on the PCB for a 20 button keypad), plug cable into the USB Type B port on the PCB, run the cable through the compartment on the back of the housing, then screw all seven screws into place. 

SKU:Model: TDS-R

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