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Bumpbar – Nylon Repair Kit (TDS-R)

Bumpbar – Nylon Repair Kit (TDS-R)

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We make out Bumpbars to last, but restaurant kitchens can be violent environments. We offer a convenient solution to refurbishing your own Bumpbar. Our Bumpbar repair kits allow you to put your original circuit board into a new housing.

Each Nylon Repair Kit includes:

  • One (1) 20-Button Nylon Housing
  • One (1) Standard-layout Insert
  • One (1) Black Frame
  • One (1) Cable Compartment Cover
  • Seven (7) Black Screws

You will need to utilize your original USB cable, or use any compatible USB-B Cable.

Make sure to keep the circuit board and cable from your previous Bumpbar. To assemble, simply attach the membrane switch header cable to pins 2-14 (as labeled on the PCB for a 20 button keypad), plug cable into the USB Type B port on the PCB, run the cable through the compartment on the back of the housing, then screw all seven screws into place. 

SKU:Model: TDS-R

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