Bumpbar Software & Downloads

Links to download our KRS Configurator software, as well as certain configuration files. For more information on how to use the utility, please read this detailed guide.

Click on the links below to download the latest KRS Software:

Bumpbar Not Connected
Bumpbar Connected
New Configuration

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  • 20 or 30 Button style
  • 57 Inputs per Button (on Firmware versions 5.8 and newer)
  • 62 Inputs per Button (on Firmware version 3.7.7 and Earlier)
  • Fixed USB, PS/2, RS-232 selectable
  • Auto USB, PS/2, or RS-232
  • and more...

For Current release 5 firmware      released Q2, 2022
CNC Users, Staging Centers.
Requires latest MicroSoft .NET4.x: Win 7, 8, Win 10 etc.
 only to configure keypad.
XP is not supported for Programming the keypad.

Once configured it will operate as a keyboard on most any OS including XP, Android v6 and up.

Downloads for CNC Users