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Bumpbar – Overlay Inserts (10 Pack)

Bumpbar – Overlay Inserts (10 Pack)

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Our meticulously crafted Bumpbar Overlay Inserts are the epitome of versatility and convenience for customizing your Bumpbar to suit your unique requirements. With our double-sided templates, you unlock endless possibilities as each insert seamlessly transitions between a Cook and Expo configuration with a simple flip.

Experience the pinnacle of durability with our patent-pending design, ensuring longevity even in the most demanding, grease-laden kitchen environments. Each Bumpbar Overlay Insert is meticulously printed on state-of-the-art plastic-based paper, offering unparalleled resilience against wear and tear. Rest easy knowing that our inserts are virtually indestructible, guaranteeing a reliable and professional appearance at all times.

Empower your culinary operations with our Bumpbar Overlay Inserts—an ingenious solution that combines durability, adaptability, and precision for an elevated user experience like no other.

NOTE: All of our Bumpbar Overlay Inserts come printed on both sides. If an overlay picture above only shows one side, that means it is the same on both sides. 

Also compatible with these BumpBar models from QSR Automations, Inc.

SKU:Model: TDS-INS/001

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