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Bumpbar – Replacement Face Protector

Bumpbar – Replacement Face Protector

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Bumpbar Face Protector Replacements (also referred to as Bumpbar Frame)

Kitchen environments can be quite hostile towards keypads of all kinds. To mitigate damage over time to the membrane switches, the clear overlay cover, and the overlay itself, we HIGHLY recommend using a Bumpbar Face Protector on any Bumpbars being used in a restaurant kitchen. Every Bumpbar we sell comes with a Face Protector (Default color is black, other color options available for each Bumpbar), but we know that some may want to change theirs out over time, or even to simply color-code their Bumpbars.

Color Options:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

Purchase as singles, or in packs of 10 for a discount.

Compatible with all Bumpbar models.


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