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Cash Drawer – Money Tray

Cash Drawer – Money Tray

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  •  5 Bill / 5 Coin money tray for use with
  • our cash drawers.
  • Metal bill clips w/springs
  • Smooth Coin Compartments
  • Fixed Coin Sizes
  • 14-1/8"w x 11.5"d x 2.5"h

Fitting a replacement tray into a cash drawer that is not from the same manufacture is something to be cautions of. If the replacement till is slightly bigger than the drawer spacing you might get it in but once closed you may not be able to get the drawer open if it is jammed.

When trying to find a replacement you will need to know what type and manufacture of drawer you have.

Identification hints for Applebee’s Restaurants:

Key Locks method: Round keys that are about the size pencil are almost always Indiana Cash Drawer models - Discontinued in the mid 2000’s, these drawers are about 21”x21” with a plastic front or 16”x16” with metal front. Bigger units are usually an off white in color and the smaller drawers are black. All of their trays were the same.

Flat Keys: These are sometimes dark gray in color or black. NCR Models 2183, 2186 were very common in this style with a stainless steel front usually with two slots for checks. An NCR model number looks like this: 2183-6400-9090 this would be called a 2183. The money trays for NCR Drawers are all unique and usually do not t from one to the other.

Our drawer uses flat keys and are approx 16”16” drawers and use the money tray above. Our customers have had success using our money tray in older NCR 2186 drawers.

The identification information above is not guaranteed to be accurate but for information only. The companies who make or made them may or may not support them any longer. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owner.


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