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Bumpbar Bracket - SB-6

Bumpbar Bracket - SB-6

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The SB-6 is the latest offering in Bumpbar brackets. The Bumpbar mount portion of the bracket is very similar to the one found on the SB-5 and SB-3 brackets, but the SB-6 has the added capability of being mounted to the back of a monitor, utilizing the standard VESA mount points (VESA Standard MIS-D). The SB-6 has a convenient cut-out in order to more readily reach any I/O from your monitor, without having to disassemble or unmount the monitor from the bracket. 

This is the simplest solution for those who need their Bumpbar mounted in a location without obvious bracket installation locations. 

Dimensions: 15" x 8.5" x 2.75" | Monitor mount portion is 12" long and 8.5" wide at start, tapering to 5" at the end. Open section is 3.5" tall and 6.25" wide at the bottom, tapering to 5.25" at the top.  

SKU:Model: SB-6

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