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Toast – RMA Service

RMA Service, Replacement Unit Shipping, and Defective Unit Return Shipping are FREE for Toast Customers

KRS offers Toast customers an easy way to request replacement units for defective Bumpbars. All Toast customers have the ability to contact KRS in order to begin an RMA. If KRS Support is unable to help get your device working, you will be approved for an RMA, and we will quickly send out a replacement unit to your location. Once you have received your replacement unit, you will then return your defective to us in a timely manner. All costs involved in the RMA process are covered by KRS, unless the defective device is not returned. Below is the information necessary to request/complete a Toast Bumpbar RMA.


  • Please read through our Troubleshooting page to solve many basic issues with KRS Bumpbars. If these do not help to solve your issue, please Contact KRS to be approved for an RMA.
  • Once approved, you will be given a link to the Toast RMA order page.
  • DO NOT add any other items to cart when requesting an RMA. One order should include one RMA Service.
  • Make sure to enter the Serial Number of your defective unit. You must do this before you can Add to Cart.
  • Click HERE to download the RMA Form. You will receive a copy of this form with your replacement unit. Please fill it out and include in your return shipment. 
  • After your RMA has been approved, you will receive shipping confirmation for your replacement unit within 24 hours (Monday-Friday, 8AM - 5PM). Requests made after 3PM on Friday will be shipped the following Monday.
  • You will receive a Return Shipping Label and Return Mailing Envelope along with your replacement unit. Please place your defective unit inside the box your replacement unit arrives with, pack that into the Return Mailing Envelope, and then place the Return Shipping Label on the package. Simply give this to your USPS mail carrier or drop off at your local USPS Post Office. You will NOT be charged for return shipping. 
  • Please return your defective unit in a timely manner. If we do not receive your defective unit within 30 days of shipping your replacement unit, you will be billed for the full amount of the replacement unit. This could also affect your ability to make purchases or receive support in the future.