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Toast – Connecting Bumpbar to KDS Device

How you connect your Bumpbar to your Toast KDS device depends on which device you are using. Below are several devices used by Toast customers with the best way to connect your Bumpbar.

Toast Flex 14" Ports

Toast Flex for Kitchen 14"

Use the USB-C port labeled in purple. The USB-C connector from your Bumpbar will not fit in the green GFD USB-C port. 

Toast Flex 22 Close

Toast Flex for Kitchen 22"

Use the USB-C port labeled in yellow. The USB-A port labeled in purple should be available in future Toast firmware updates.

Elo V4 Elo V4 Close

Elo V4

Use either the USB-A (labeled USB) or the USB-C port.

Elo V3 Elo V3 Close

Elo V3

Use the USB-A port (labeled USB).