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Copy of Toast – SB-6 Installation Information

On this page we have provided several images of our SB-6 Shelf Bracket attached to a Toast Flex for Kitchen (Model: TK200) in order to help you correctly configure your setup. When mounting your display, please ensure you DO NOT over-tighten the screws into the back of the monitor. Doing so could damage or destroy the panel in the display. If the screws you have are too long to be fully installed, please use enough washers or spacers to fill the gap to fully secure your display. These spacers should be placed between the display and the SB-6. 

Before installing and mounting SB-6 Bumpbar Bracket along with Toast monitor arm, make sure to install any cables necessary for your Toast Flex. You will not be able to access the cables compartment installing SB-6 Bracket.

To install, simply place your SB-6 over the back of the monitor, aligning the inner mounting holes (75mm x 75mm) with the VESA mount points on the monitor.

Then place the Toast Flex for Kitchen monitor arm on the SB-6, aligning its same mount holes over those of the display and SB-6 (both the SB-6 and the Toast Flex for Kitchen included monitor arm also support VESA 100mm x 100mm mounting for applicable displays).

Please ensure the Bumpbar mount portion of the SB-6 is facing towards the front of the display. 

Then place a washer over each of the four mounting holes before inserting the correct length/diameter screws into place. Do not fully tighten each screw at once, instead mostly installing them one at a time in an X pattern before final tightening to ensure equal pressure on each mount point. 

Once each screw has been tightened, you can now mount the Toast Flex for Kitchen monitor arm in the desired location. You can mount the monitor arm prior to installing the SB-6, but it is not recommended, as you will have difficulty aligning the mount points.

Toast SB-6 Front

SB-6 Cable Management