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2014 Version  TDS-USB Instructions
and Software
Old version - Only if you currently
program on XP
USB Installation Instructions,

Programming Software and Driver
Windows XP to Win 8.1

ZIP File
USB Bumpbar Software
Download Config Software and Instruction
For 2015 release
CNC Users, Staging Centers.
Requires MicroSoft .NET4.5: Win 7, 8, etc.
XP is not supported for Programming the keypad.
Once configured it will operate as a keyboard on most any OS including XP
Versions and are the same, no feature upgrades.

  • 20 Button Keypads
  • 20 Characters / Button
  • USB and PS/2 Auto Select
Our new USB - PS/2 Combo Bumpbar.            Both USB and PS/2 in one!

  • Two interfaces in One connection.
  • Injection Molded Black Nylon, very durable
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Flexible where needed to take constant usage
  • User Changeable cable via the ACCESS door on the back of the keypad
  • Uses our overlays for key designations
  • 4 Modes of operation, first 3 as describe below and the 4th is customizable by the user or installer.
  • 20 buttons, each location can hold 20 key strokes
  • Configurable sound,  Scroll Lock, Caps Lock, Num Lock, or none
  • HID Compliant, so no drivers to load. Works with Windows (TM), Mac (TM), Linux (TM), embedded os's,
    most anything USB
  • 3 Cables included:  USB, PS/2 and Logic Controls(TM) compatible cables.
  • You can use as many keypads on a system as long as you have available ports
  • USB 1.1 to 3.0 compatible
  • Programmable, Clone-able on a Windows 7 through 10 OS. Programming software allows custom programs
    to configure or duplicate keypad.
2015 KRS Config Program  
20 Keystroke Only
For Current release 3 firmware      released Feb 2017
CNC Users, Staging Centers.
Requires latest MicroSoft .NET4.x: Win 7, 8, Win 10 etc.
only to configure keypad.
XP is not supported for Programming the keypad.

However, once configured it will operate as a keyboard on most any OS including XP
  • 20 or 30 Button style
  • 63 Characters per Button
  • Fixed USB or PS/2 selectable
  • Auto USB or PS/2
  • and more...
    Hardware Dependant
    2017 Firmware for older 20 Button       
    USB Keypads with Ver. 3.x.x firmware
Configuration Main Screen Commands Overview Video
Configuration Program Overview Video
Programming Custom Keys Video
Cloning Keypads or Creating multiple Templates Video
Videos on how to Program the Keypad
Older versions of the configuration program, may be required for your use if you have older keypads.
Feb 2017
USB Software Download Page
CNC Users
KRS Configurator
V3.0.4 Signed