1 pair of Adapters to connect
a POS terminal to a serial
EPSON printer.

These are specifically made
for Windows
(R) bases  
Apple-One POS software
used in Applebee's
Red Adapters
for Apple-One POS
1 Pair of adapters to connect a POS terminal to a Serial Epson Printer Includes: 1 DB-25 to RJ-45, Red 1 DB-9 to RJ-45, Red
Money tray for our cash drawers 5 Bill / 5 Coin
Extra Money Tray
for our cash drawers
5 Bill / 5 Coin money tray for use with
our cash drawers.
- Metal bill clips w/springs
- Smooth Coin Compartments
- Fixed Coin Sizes
14-1/8"w  x  11.5"d   x 2.5"h
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POS Cleaning Kit
Clean POS Credit Card readers
and Thermal Printer
Are MSR Misreads
Causing Frustrations?
Clean an MSR
Thermal Printer
Benefits of regular cleaning
  • Reduce Maintenance calls - Save $$
  • Reduce downtime
  • Faster customer service
  • Happy Employees (or at least not
    upset about the MSR's and Printers)

When did you last clean
a receipt Printer?
POS Cleaning Kit
Power Supply for Kick-IT Serial Interface, KRS Corporation, LLC
Power Supply for Kick-IT Serial Interface, KRS Corporation, LLC
Kick-It Power Supply
  • 24 V Power Supply
  • 250 ma
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Locking Connector
  • FCC / UL Approved
Serial Cable
  • Straight through pinout, 9-9
  • Locking Screws on each end
  • Male to Female
  • 9 Pins on each end
Serial Cable
24V Power Supply
Keypad Templates
Double sided templates designed for your needs.
Our patent pending design provides you a Cook and
Expo all in one, just flip it over!

Cut to size and coated to protect against dirt and grease,
perfect for our bumpbars. Also works with the following
competitors keypads.

Also compatible with these bump bar models from
Automations, Inc.
APPB: Keypad Overlay
Need a different layout?
Send a copy of your current layout to us at

Important Information:
KRS Corporation, LLC is not affiliated with QSR Automations or its products.  Any trademarks of other parties, including those of QSR Automations, are
the property of their respective owners.

Subject to our Terms and Conditions any and all information subject to change without notice.
  • Simple to use. One simple wraparound computer carrying case.

  • Easy to carry with one hand, Now you can open doors for yourself
    without harming the computer or monitor.

  • Weather Resistat, with extra weather protection when needed.

  • Ideal for Computers, Monitors, Laser Printers, Fax machines ...

  • Great for the Sales persons taking a hardware to a demo. (Ever
    dropped a monitor or Computer in the parking lot of a customer?)

  • Perfect for Technicians. They are compact and easy to store when not
    in use, and the handiest thing to have when a technician  needs to
    bring a computer in for repair.

  • So unique it's patented !
Ever dropped a computer?
Introducing the Tech Tote, the
computer carrying tote.
An authorized dealer of Waffletechnology®
cleaning products.
Universal Bottle Clip
Fits about 95% of all plastic bottles on the market using the standard bottle neck.
Note: Color of item is Random, depending
upon current stock.
U.S. Patent No. D674,390
Other patents pending
Money Tray Information
PS/2 Male to Male Cable
USB to PS2 Adpt.
Same price no matter which you
Need USB with our PS/2 Keypad?
Works great! Many customers us them now.