Which Kick-IT is right for your application?
There are two versions of the Kick-IT, Open Standard and Secure Control.
Open Standard
Kick-IT Serial Interface, KRS Corporation, LLC
Kick-IT Serial Interface, KRS Corporation, LLC
Secure Control
Open Standard allows the cash drawer
to open with any character or signal
sent out the POS serial port.
Used a lot in restaurants.

Generally used when you cannot
change the way your Point of Sale
software is configured.
Secure Control will only open the cash
drawer when a Specific character is sent
to open the drawer, all other characters
are ignored.
Used a lot in theaters.

Used in applications when you can
configure the Point of Sale software.
DB-9 Serial
Locking Power  and  CDKO
Ports on the Kick-IT Serial Interfaces, KRS Corporation, LLC.
Kick-IT Connectors
Cash Drawer Components
Serial Cash Drawer Kit
  • 16" x 16" Black Cash Drawer
  • 5 Bill - 5 Coin Tray
  • Kick-IT
  • Serial Cable and Power Supply
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